Osiris Cinux

Vegan skateboard shoes Cinux from OsirisThe CINUX from Osiris has two styles for Spring 2012, both of which are Vegan! While the rest of the industry seemingly is going retro, these tech skateboard shoes look to the future.  The Upper is Synthetic Nubuck with plenty of layering and vent holes to keep your feet from steaming. Oh so important with synthetics. Cupsoles for maximum support and wear. The lacing system on the Cinux are unique, and give some options to reduce lace breakage. Just tuck the bottom laces under those outer lacing holes. The oval eyelets give an interesting look, but I doubt any functional advantage.  Thin tongue if your not into the puffy stuff, but still lots of padding in the collar.

Vegan skateboard shoes Cinux from OsirisOsiris seems to consistently put out Vegan tech skate shoes. I doubt this is on purpose, probably more happenstance. Either way their shoes take a beating and can hold their own against leather, suede, or traditional nubuck. They mention “reinforced high abrasion areas for maximum durability” in the description. This was true for the Pixel that I recently retired. I skated them all last summer and it was two months before breaking out the shoe goo. If i break through the shoes I’m testing now, I’ll surely give these a try.

White size 5-14 $60.00 

Black size 5-14 $60.00

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