Vegan Skate Blog Buttons!

I picked the new VSB buttons from Busy Beaver this morning and they are looking good! Plus these bad boys glow in the dark! If you want to get one, fill out a Vegetable Shredder profile, don’t forget to include a skate photo and a mailing address. I’ll send some stickers(while they last)too. (email Just want a button, but don’t feel like doin’ nothin’ ? You can send me a dollar.

If you’re going to be at the Chicago Zine fest this weekend, look for me (wearing a button) and I’ll have some for ya. Plus you can meet the artist behind the Carrot and Skateboard, Art Noose. She will be selling her zine “Ker-Bloom” and talking about Letterpress.

Big thanks to Christen, Erik, and Nick over at Busy Beaver Button Co.

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  1. justin bowen says:

    I want a couple! Send me your address and ill send you a couple bucks!!

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