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The King Amendment Fails! : Update

In August, “Protect Interstate Commerce Act” penned by Iowa Congressman Steve King was introduced to the Farm Bill. The goal of PICA, what came to be known as “The King Amendment,” was to effectively ban any sort of protection to … Continue reading

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Direct Action Everywhere: IT’S NOT FOOD, IT’S VIOLENCE

Direct Action Everywhere has recently kicked off their campaign against Chipotle. The fast food chain has recently upped their marketing to try and convince people that buying their burritos is a solution to animal exploitation. Chipotle even goes so far … Continue reading

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World Vegan Day

Nov. 1st is WORLD VEGAN DAY and the 69th Anniversary of the founding of The Vegan Society! If you’re the sort that never talks much about what you eat, or don’t eat (not sure if that kind of vegan exists) … Continue reading

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Mercy For Animals Canada: Egg McMisery Investigation

A recent investigation of Canadian factory egg farms by Mercy For Animals Canada (Egg McMisery) recently made news.  Canadian TV W-5 ran an investigative piece with the footage provided by MFA.The Egg industry is by far one the cruelest in … Continue reading

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“Sirens of the Lambs”

Banksy’s, “Siren of the Lambs” has been all over the news, but maybe you don’t read the LA Times.  Its a powerful piece of moving installation/performance art.  Banksy is supposedly English, though his identify isn’t publicly known, and I can’t … Continue reading

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Ban Pig Gestation Crates in New Jersey.

This one is for our pig friends in the Garden State!  Right now, HSUS is working of a campaign to ban pig gestation crates in New Jersey. The animal protection bill S.1921 was popular in the state legislator but Gov. … Continue reading

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Social Justice Fund / Veggie Grill

Social Justice Fund and Veggie Grill are teaming up for a fund raiser this Thursday, September 12th in Portland! Between 3pm-9pm Veggie Grill will donate 50% of the cost of your bill to Social Justice Fund. Make sure to mention … Continue reading

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Food Fight 10th Anniv. / Curb Skate Contest / Circus Protest Planning

Food Fight Grocery turns 10 this Sunday! (September the 8th) To celebrate, their having a potluck in the field across from the Vegan MiniMall!  In conjunction, a Slappy Session Curb Contest will be going down, (low to the ground grinds … Continue reading

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The King Amendment: Another strike against Whistleblowers!

The King Amendment is a part of an attempt to silence animal rights whistleblowers, specifically with a part of the amendment called, “Protect Interstate Commerce Act”, PICA. Part of the Farm Bill, which is one of the largest pieces of … Continue reading

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Modern Warrior: Damien Mander

Damien Mander served for years in the Australian military, working his way up to being a special ops sniper. He was perhaps one of the most unlikely candidates for becoming vegetarian, let alone a full-time animal rights activist. But an … Continue reading

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