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Vegan Black Metal Chef – Blackest of The Black Beans

The Vegan Black Metal Chef  continues to bust out some seriously tasty demonic meals. Extremely quick and easy to prepare, Blackest of the Black Beans with a side of fried plantains and guacamole is done right. He straight up fries those … Continue reading

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Vans AV Era 1.5

Vans AV Era 1.5 is Anthony Van Engelen’s pro skate shoe. Based off the classic Era design, upgraded with more skateable features and currently in two different vegan colorways!  Washed Black Canvas upper. (more like grey) Some nice orange highlights. … Continue reading

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Slipping: Skate’s Impact on Egypt

Egypt has one skateboard shop, Skate Impact. As one of the only shops in the Arab world (outside of Israel) it draws a crowd of passionate young people that would be on the fringe in the West, never mind Cairo. … Continue reading

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Foundation WTF!

Foundation’s WTF! video is a few months old and was released free (or $5 from TumYeto if your’e into physical media)  on the internet. So maybe this is old news to you. If not, sit back and enjoy one of … Continue reading

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Habitat Quest

The Quest is one of a few new Vegan skate shoes from Habitat for the spring 2012 season. The mix is alright considering they took a season or two off from animal free options. The all Canvas upper is a … Continue reading

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Vegetable Shredder – Vig

NAME: Vig LOCATION: Singapore ; The country the size of a full stop on the world map. OCCUPATION: Retail staff in Quiksilver & Student. Where do you like skating?  Anywhere, Everywhere. Why did you go Veg?  The last thing an … Continue reading

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300 Posts!!!

300 posts on the Vegan Skate Blog!   Above is a photo of me and my sister, nearly 18 years ago. The two of us were simultaneously trying to kill one another and discovering new music and subcultures together. She … Continue reading

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Supra Stacks

Supra Stacks “Scout” colorway is ready to shred, so all the Vegan Skateboarders can earn their Vegetable Shredder merit badge. Scouts Promise. They also match your Dockers. The upper is a canvas twill in ever so fancy khaki accented ever … Continue reading

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Alien Workshop Silo Skate Shop Collaboration Deck

Silo Skateshop and Alien Workshop collaborated on this limited edition commemorative deck, which harkens back to the more conspiratory era the Workshop. Silo has been operating out in the heartland middle of no where since 1995 merging skateboarding and art. … Continue reading

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Emerica G-Code!!! First Look Review

Emerica G-Code!!! are back in a Vegan colorway for the first time since Spring 2010. That season the Vegan colorway was bone-white canvas, (Not exactly my cup of tea, I dig black stuff). So I was super psyched when Emerica … Continue reading

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