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Matt Soria – repurposed skateboards

Matt Soria is an artist (and skateboarder) based in Chicago.  He works in illustration and photography as well as some mixed media instillation. Like any crafty soul he uses found and re-purposed materials. Here are a couple examples from his … Continue reading

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Steve and Alex Olson skate painting.

A perfect video for the day. Father and Son skateboard duo, Steve and Alex Olson participated last year in the Venice Biennale with a skate focused live action painting. This was on the LAWeekly last year but I’m still hyped … Continue reading

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Don Pendleton -Juxtapoz Lithograph

So this sweet Don Pendleton Lithograph just showed up! A larger version of Pendleton’s cover for the June issue of Juxtapoz, its a little less encombured by the magazines branding. The print is a limited run so if your into … Continue reading

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Comic Panel Skateboard Art

My usually Esty lurking has led me to some fine gems including some relics of skate history. This “art deck” with old Daredevil comics isn’t necessarily anything spectacular, nor is the issue particularly rare. It caught my attention because it … Continue reading

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Good Wood 2012 Skateboard Art Auction

Good Wood Skateboard Art Exhibition and Oneline Auction has about two days left (ends May 26th Midnight EST) for you to score a sweet skate deck and get a little something for supporting Power House Production’s, Ride It Sculpture Park, … Continue reading

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Ride It Sculpture Park

Ride It Sculpture Park is a DIY-Skaters dream come true. Four vacant lots and an abandoned house are being transformed into permanent skate-able art. Put together by Power House Productions, an artist collective that has been turning around Detroit neighborhoods … Continue reading

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Skateboard Stickers Book

I just picked this book up at Quimby’s Bookstore, here in Chicago. Everyone loves a good sticker collection and this book was a little walk down memory lane for me. The majority of the stickers that I had are long … Continue reading

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Go Skate Occupy May Day!

Eric Drooker most famed perhaps for “The New Yorker” covers, ( i know all of VSB readers are avid subscribers) and in some more radical circles for his politically inspirational illustrations, recently made a few large May Day posters.  International … Continue reading

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Slipping: Skate’s Impact on Egypt

Egypt has one skateboard shop, Skate Impact. As one of the only shops in the Arab world (outside of Israel) it draws a crowd of passionate young people that would be on the fringe in the West, never mind Cairo. … Continue reading

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SkateCat Zine

Eric Santos, Zine creator and fellow skateboard blogger recently got some press in Thrasher for his SkateCat zine. I tracked it down and really got jazzed on it. Nothing to wild, just a cartoon cat ripping in some pretty fantastic … Continue reading

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